Saturday, May 19, 2007

On a Mission

We arrived at Devizes Marina to find 'Moore 2 Life' out of the water, blacked and about to be re launched. Brod saw it all happen. Once on board all the boat systems were re activated so we could make a cup of tea after loading all our stuff. The boiler switched on to warm up the boat as it had just started to rain.

So back on our boat and moving east on the Kennet & Avon canal. A desire to catch up with our friends Sue n Vic on 'No Problem'. But later that evening found that the diesel fire failed to light up due to lack of fuel flow. It is fed via a long pipe from the back and a combination of being bow high when out of the water for three days and half a tank of diesel was the cause. All was well after a few days level in the water and a full tank.
A week away from Reading if we move every day. Ten to twenty lock miles a day is our intention. Travelling with another boat, 'Slicer', to Great Bedwyn. I have a strange fascination seeing the trains arriving at Great Bedwyn station. They stop here, move over to the other track and return to Reading. Used to look like green caterpillars, but now they are blue. Somehow getting off the main line to let the First Great Western express through. After three days we arrived at Hungerford to stock up. Passing this pirate ship on the way.

Some days seem harder than others. More locks per mile ? Or was it waiting for two boats at Coblers Lock ? It was empty like all the others on the way down and we had to fill them all. But here a boat was waiting to go up. We had to tell them it was their lock. They both got on the boat and drove in. A long pause waiting for another boat. Eventually they arrived and also drove in. Ann shut the gate and I opened the paddle. I said "If you open the other paddle on your side it will rise quicker". We walked away and left them to get off their boats.


Sue said...

Hahaha.. I bet they thought it was Mr Chas the Lock Keeper and his good wife Annie!

It amazes me the number of people that think these locks have lock keepers!

Watch out you don't get caught on the Thames doing the unmanned locks.. nobody is keen on winding those wheels.. Oh and...

There is a knack of putting ones finger in the hole to make the electics work on them. I have no idea how it is done.. Vic does though ;)


Epiphany said...

I missed you leaving - saw the boat moored but I don't think you were on board. Don't hurry too much - canal life is supposed to slow us down!
Hope to see you again on the cut, take care. John and Fiona