Monday, July 02, 2007

Braunston Boats

Approached from the south past those old work boats near the 'Puddle banks'. Some looking like floating sheds and some burnt out and sunk. At that distinctive double bridge we turned right just as several other boats were negotiating this junction.

Mo and Vanessa on Balmaha had told us there was some space and were waiting to catch our ropes. No Problem arrived soon after and we all enjoyed a 'blogger' gathering. Not seen Mo & Vanessa since last year.

We celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary with Sue n Vic up at 'The Old Plough'. It was very popular and were pleased that Sue had booked a table for us. A good menu was slightly spoilt by some lack of food.

Many working boats, gathered the previous weekend, were still in Braunston. Over 70 according to Tim Coglan who organises the event every year. This time it was featured on Country File, BBC1 Sunday. So good to see them restored and actually transporting goods and providing services on the waterways.

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