Sunday, July 29, 2007


Moved back in and found a space vacated by a 'long term' moorer. Their notice inviting others to use the space till August. Thank you 'Calipso Rose'. Other boaters are not so welcoming. Several have been here occupying the 48 hour moorings for much longer than that. We know this because each time we come back in we see the same boats in the same place. Terry n Myra met us up at the Admiral Nelson for lunch. They had been able, earlier, to get their boat through the tunnel when it reopened after a land slide had closed it. We are drifting about slowly on the Oxford canal in and out of Braunston. An unexpected sunny weekend spent near Flecknoe on a grass covered towpath. So overgrown that we are not disturbed by passing walkers or cyclists. While sitting out we watch the boats go by and wave to those we know. We are staying south waiting for a family visit.

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