Sunday, September 30, 2007


This is where the Llangollen canal heads into Wales. The Ellesmere and Llangollen canals were operated by Shropshire Union Railways & Canal Company. General carriers to Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, North & South Staffordshire and North Wales. Its building now left derelict.

It was here that we found a vet to check on Tara's health. Our cat had been sick most mornings for a while and a possible cause may be an overactive thyroid gland. A blood test would confirm this.
Meanwhile our friends have moved to Chirk on the boarder of Wales. We set off next day to cover the 12 miles and up two locks. The canal is quite shallow near the edges and we often ran aground when passing boats. Passed two marinas full of boats before travelling along a narrow concrete channel on the approach to Chirk.

At one point we looked across the valley over the tops of houses. Then suddenly turned right to cross the valley which was spectacular with the railway viaduct alongside the canal aqueduct both made entirely of stone.

Then through Chirk tunnel, crossing into Wales and eventually stopped opposite yet another marina having caught up with No Problem.

It seems that the canal is suffering badly from its 'popularity'. There have been major breaches in 2004 and 2006 and it was sad to see several damaged bridges where they have been hit by boats. At one visitor mooring a concrete edge has fallen in.

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