Sunday, September 16, 2007

Through the cuttings

Filled up with diesel at Norbury Wharf and continued our journey along the Shroppy. Through Grub Street Cutting, past 'the Anchor' and along the Shebdon Embankment. This is how the canal is. Cuttings and embankments with no locks for mile upon mile.

Past Knighton where Cadbury's once produced chocolate and transported it to Bournville by canal. Then through Woodseaves Cutting before stopping at Tyrley Wharf. Woodseaves is very narrow and passing is difficult with so much vegetation leaning out to scratch the paint if it could.

Ahead are 5 locks which bring the canal down to Market Drayton. Down through another sand stone cutting covered with trees which somehow cling to the steep sides, their old roots now exposed. Makes you think about all the hard manual labour required to dig it all out.

Went down with a boat coming up at each lock making it an easy trip for us. Sue n Vic on No Problem followed behind and Ann went back to help. We eventually stopped after filling with water opposite the new 'Challenger' share boat centre.

Market Drayton
Just past Betton Bridge the visitor moorings are opposite a range of new houses with brightly coloured front doors. The owners with their boats by the door! On our own again, Sue n Vic move on to Nantwich as John and Sue came to visit. Ann baked a cake and we chatted over a cup of tea. We have known them since owning a boat back at Newbury many years ago. They have recently got back from a trip on their boat down to London.
We have been able to reserve a mooring back at Culcutt Marina, where we plan to leave the boat for Christmas. Enterprise at Daventry will be able to collect and deliver us with a car.
Very much now enjoying the September sunshine and quieter times on the canal. August definitely the holiday month. Now moved on down more locks at Adderly in open countryside with those black and white cows in green fields. Once out away from the towns there are also fields of corn soaking up the sunshine.

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