Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Computer failing

For some reason my computer is suddenly switching off with no warning. The battery slowly discharges even when plugged into the mains. It will only charge when off or 'hibernating.' It does not run without the battery even on the mains. I dare not do any more creative work in case I cannot save it on CD ROM's.
So I may not be able to do a Blog for a while. Do not take things for granted. You only realise what you had when it is gone. Contact with the world beyond the local area of the boat is possible. Blogers, emails, writing, banking, pictures etc will have to be on hold for a while.


Ken said...

Hi Chas,

Sounds like a "Power Suply" problem. Those are generally not to expensive too repair. Good Luck.

Ken Averill

Chas & Ann said...

Hi Ken, Thanks for your comment. The Toshiba Satellite is 4 years old and this is the second battery. Seems to be ok so long as the battery has some charge in it. Regards Chas

John & Fiona on nb Epiphany said...

Hi Chas

My Fuji Siemens has just suffered very similar symptoms. It was very up and down - not being sure if it was charging or running on battery - then one morning it stopped working completely. F/S decided it's a warranty job so I'm waiting for Parcelline to collect it.

Hope yours can demonstrate resurrection.

Have a good winter!!

Best wishes