Sunday, October 14, 2007

Heading south

The 'Shroppie' is like a motorway being wide and strait but with less traffic than seen on the Llangollen. British Waterways 'stoppages' start in November. The lock at Hawkesbury, down near Coventry, will be closed as the gates are being replaced. So we need to get through before that. We are moving after breakfast, stopping for a rest and a bite to eat at midday, then moving on some more in the afternoons. Ten lock miles a day will be our average trip.
We got Tesco to deliver goodies when we got to Audlem. Once again placing our order on the internet the day before. Then moved on doing a lot of locks to get to Market Drayton. Up 11 at Audlem and another group of 5 at Adderley. That’s our quota for the day but with some help with boats coming down we made good progress.
Met John and Sue at Market Drayton who kindly offered to take us to the shops in their car. All the way across country towards Shrewsbury stopping short at the 'out of town' centre. Back at our friends house I was able to introduce them to our web site and blog on their computer.
Got water and used the facilities at Market Drayton then proceeded up the locks at Tyrley. A cheap paper notice from BW telling us that the facilities at Tyrley and Wheaton Aston were 'out of order'. We do hope that these facilities are not suffering from the lack of maintenance due to shortage of funds.
While proceeding up the 5 locks we were lucky to have 5 boats coming down so that the next lock was ready for us. Stopped for lunch near the old Cadbury's milk works at Knighton before continuing on to Anchor Bridge. On the way we passed Shebdon Embankment. About a mile of raised canal above the surrounding land hidden by trees. BW are in fact spending some money here reinforcing the bank with long steel piling. Two floating pontoons being used to carry all the heavy equipment. Just enough room to get by.

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