Thursday, November 22, 2007

Events between Braunston & Rugby

We are now limited by winter stoppages. British Waterways planned maintenance. Down at Braunston we got the bus to Daventry. Nearly missed it because Geof Amos had changed the time table. Just happened to be market day so we got some fresh veg. Tried to get our flu jabs at the medical centre but they could not give us an appointment yet. Did some Christmas shopping though.

Then family came up to see us. Wonderful to see our grand children and their parents on the boat again. Felt the need to get out of Braunston but the only way was north with the nearest turning point proving to be a long 5 miles distant. Stopped a mile out for an enjoyable meal together. Then on a few miles more till it was getting cold. Josh & Ben are growing up fast as expected. We played football outside for a while then with their toys inside. They both drew some pictures for us before we put them to bed. Next day we had to travel up to the turn and back to a few miles out of Braunston for lunch. It was a horrible cold damp day. With the benefit of hindsight it would have been better to stay in Braunston. Never mind, it was an enjoyable visit and ‘family’ enjoyed the trip on board.

For us now, a return to Rugby next day. Stopped at Hillmorton to see Reg and Elaine on Relain who provided tea and chat. Got gas for £18 and diesel for 60p a litre at Clifton before stopping at the almost empty Brownsover moorings. Yobs were seen chucking a shopping trolley into the canal. A fellow boater and Ann managed to return it to Tesco. Felt happier to move over to the other side for the night but still got a tap on the roof as people passed by. Perhaps a reason for the lack of boats here this winter. Another is the closure of damaged facilities.

Next day Tim and Lisa came to fit our new folding ‘biminy’ cover. That is what Tim called it. The frame had been fitted a few weeks earlier. It was quite a challenge for them but the result was fine. Unusual to be on a ‘traditional’ stern. Now we can travel about in the winter without getting cold and wet.

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