Monday, November 26, 2007

Problems on the ‘cut’

We are members of the National Association of Boat Owners which has just had its AGM. Sadly membership is not growing despite there being so much going wrong with our lovely waterways. They are there to represent us in this time of need. The chairman has been to a lot of meetings with BW and the new Waterways Minister. BW have been ‘going through the motions’ of consulting but are insulting. Their consultations over mooring fees and licence fees are really ‘Take it or leave it’ situations. We have written to our MP about the sad state of our waterway system which is falling apart due to lack of investment. BW, in their wisdom, have issued a ‘Customer Service Standards’ document. IF all that it contains is achieved we may be happier boaters but who is going to pay for it all? Not just us poor boaters. Do click on our link to NABO to see what is going on.

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