Sunday, June 08, 2008

Heading for Ely

After several days of moving we looked forward to some rest days and headed to the local pub for an expensive drink with Sue n Vic. Then we moved on upstream to our next moorings at Little Port. Nice clean EA moorings with a water tap so we could fill our tanks again. Several miles and no locks on this stretch of wide strait river with high flood banks either side restricting the view of the flat countryside. After days of dry warm weather it has turned cold n damp so we were obliged to light the fire especially after doing some washing!
Two days later we continued to Ely, the city’s huge cathedral on the hill coming to view as we rounded a few bends on the approach. Found a space by the park and let No Problem pass to report more space by the station, plenty of room so we continued on ourselves. Found our friends on Gypsy Rover there as well. Did a quick walk round late afternoon to find a dentist who would check Ann’s sore tooth, luckily finding a private one and got an appointment. Next day we went to the market for local fresh veg. Real carrots with green tops and thin tails, not those bright orange types you get in supermarkets!
Also got some plants for our roof boxes and while waiting for Cassandra to arrive we planted most of the flowers. Need to find a mole hill for more fine earth. Then my aunt arrived with a pot plant and we enjoyed catching up with family news over freshly baked cake and a cup of tea on board.
Staggered to note that our low duty red diesel has now reached £1 or more a litre round here. So we are trying to reduce our engine runs to a minimum. The price is not far off that for road diesel. We are able to use the cheaper diesel because we do not use the roads. But Brussels has changed the rules. Later in the year we will be obliged to pay the higher duty and VAT for moving the boat. Charging batteries and heating can still use the cheaper fuel.
We are only permitted to stay two nights in Ely so we move out to find more moorings at Little Thetford travelling with a convoy of boats. EA have extended these moorings to make room for more boats but failed to dredge the extended section. So we all bunch up one end and leave the new bit for different boats.

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