Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wicken Fen

We moved on up the river Ouse to Popes Corner and turned left up the river Cam. Just a few miles on another left turn at Upware gets us to some ‘lodes’ up through a short lock. The loads are just navigable drainage ditches one of which, after an hour of slow progress arrives at Wicken Fen. This natural wet land belongs to the National Trust much of it being at or below sea level is being allowed to increase. There are many walks along the banks of the lodes.

We saw the wild ponies of the Fenland, a Konig heard which is increasing year by year.
Walking towards the wind mill across the fields gets you to the pretty village of Wicken itself.

It is worth a look round to see the thatched cottages, gardens and village pond.

We were lucky to see the mill working on Saturday, the same day as the Fete.

It is still able to produce flour using the French mill stones. We got some white flour which had been dressed using a wind driven machine. The Fete was entertaining with a dog show all afternoon. Best waging tail & Irish Brace (odd couple) among the categories to get judged. There was an assortment of stalls, roundabout, Punch n Judy, mechanical organ and other attractions.


Anonymous said...

These photographs are very beautiful.Do you make wheat flour with a pinwheel?

Lesley and Joe K said...

Hi Chas an Anne
I didn't realise that we had wild horses in the fens!
Your description of the village fete would probably have been recognised by somebody a 100 years ago; not much changes at these gatherings - quaint, very English and rather lovely..
NB Caxton