Saturday, July 05, 2008

Up the Cam

Before we left Wicken we talked a while to a friendly boater couple and were joined by a local walker. He turned out to be a historian of the Fenland community. He talked a lot about the people and families that lived here. As he spoke his accent was slightly Australian and he explained that many people emigrated there from Anglia. We wondered after he left weather he was one of those ‘Fen Tigers’.
We moved slowly out down the Wicken Lode and through the lock at Upware. There we turned left to go up the Cam and into new territory for us. Discovering now rather than exploring. Travelling several miles of natural river to Bottisham lock and through into ‘Cam Conservancy’ country. “Some different rules may apply here”. On a short stretch of river we were instructed to cross over to the left and give way to rowers. A few miles on and the next lock came into view at Milton. A hard edge provided a good mooring for the night.
The next day we walked into Milton to find the wonderful Country Park set around two large manmade lakes. This was an old gravel extraction site with well kept paths to follow with trees and bushes for shade and shelter. Unfortunately the visitor refreshment centre was closed so we found our way out and back to the boat.
Several boats were entering Baits Bite lock and we went to watch. A large cutter was slowly mowing the weed under water and getting a bit close to our boat. There happened to be a lock keeper here and we asked if our boat was in the way. “Well actually you are contravening local bylaws”. We explained that it was a good mooring to visit the Park.

Once the lock had cleared we moved on up river, looking out for rowers, passing many rowing club houses and about a mile of various tatty old boats before reaching Jesus Lock.
Here we were able to stay at the official visitor moorings to visit the city and search for supplies. We walked across Jesus Green and into the streets of Cambridge. While Ann went into the shop Molly and I watched people and bikes pass by. Once we had got our supplies we headed back to the boat and had some lunch. The short term moorings were too ‘public’ for us to stay overnight so we headed back down stream to the moorings at Clayhithe near Waterbeach. Next day we continued on back to Ely to meet our friends on No Problem.


James said...
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James said...

I agree the Cambridge visitor moorings up by Jesus Green Lock are a bit exposed, not that we have ever had trouble when moored there.

I Just wanted to let you know there is another set of 48hr moorings immediately outside the Ft. St. George Pub on Midsummer Common that you might have found more appealing.

We moor adjacent to these moorings and love them.... hopefully NB Kestrel was not looking too tatty (or indeed old) when you passed by!

ps. I deleted my first attempt at posting this comment because I noticed how bad the spelling was and could not find a way to edit it!

Andy Edwards said...

Hi there,
very much enjoying reading the exploits. You are cruising an area I have often talked about doing bt never yet plucked up the courage to actually visit!

Have a great summer and I look forward to catching up when I get home in 6 weeks time.