Monday, July 28, 2008

Moorings in the sun

The Great Ouse Boating Association provide many mooring sites along this grand river and the vegetation is kept trimmed by their volunteers.
This one at Goldington has space for about 3 narrow boats or 3 short cruisers! We try not to occupy the whole length by making one end or the other overhang in the reeds. We have been known to go along side our friends boat No Problem when other boats need to stop. This mooring has a few good walks round a lake and there is ‘out of town’ shopping including Tesco nearby.
We did pop up to Bedford Marina for water and facilities. On our return, now down river, we went through a few locks with a cruiser for company till arriving near Great Barford. ‘Our Island’ was full but managed to get the boat against a high bank with an open field further on.
Cow pats indicated a possible problem but we set up our deck chairs, table and sunshades anyway. The next few days were scorchers. Hung white sheets outside the windows to keep the boat cool inside and set up a fan to keep the fridge cool as the temperature rose. Then setup a washing line using the boat hook and mooring pins and proceeded to wash our curtains which dried in no time at all! Some curious cows did arrive later but soon moved away.

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