Thursday, August 21, 2008

A family visit

Now we are spending time above Hermitage Lock. Up a few feet above the tidal waters at Earith no less than 28 miles from Denver. Sue n Vic on No Problem have gone back south for a while with family on board. We had our 2 grand children and their parents stay a night. All fed and watered at the Lazy Otter before heading for Ely. Once there we did some shopping and looked inside the cathedral. The children helped make some bread in our machine. Measure out the ingredients, put it all inside and press the button. An hour later out pops a small loaf of lovely fresh bread. Stopped on the way back for a late lunch on board before continuing back to the Lazy Otter where our guests returned home.
A feeling of loss and loneliness overwhelms us now as we wonder what to do next after all that activity. Some essentials like getting diesel, gas and restocking with food will keep us occupied. Mo on Balmaha rang to tell us that they have shot down the New Bedford River on a tidal wave effectively bypassing us and Ely. So we won’t see them for a while. It has been raining a lot this month, not unusual for August so apparently the river Nene is rising.
An idle mind wonders about cause and effect sometimes getting it the wrong way round. The propeller pushes us, but if the water did not move from front to back we would not go forward. Like being stuck on a mud bank? The past is behind us and the future in front as we travel on.

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