Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Olympics

It had to be said. What a wonderful show the opening was that Friday the 8th of August 2008. 08 08 08 are lucky numbers for the Chinese. But the date is a measure of time since the birth of Christ. We watched it all, the artistry, the creativity, the activity, the quality, the style and the history of a nation. So many people were able to perform as human ‘pixels’ creating waves patterns and characters. Reminding us that it was the Chinese who were the first to invent paper, printing and fireworks. The Chinese have shown us what they want us to see. There are 204 countries of the world competing in 302 sporting events as friends. Doing their best to go further, faster and higher. And Nicole Cooke won the women’s cycle race getting her Gold Medal competing in ‘Team UK’.

We are still moving north on the river Ouse. Now past St. Ives, travelling in the morning and watching Television in the afternoon after storing enough power in the batteries. On the way popping into the village of Houghton for supplies and again found lovely thatched cottages with well kept front gardens. It has been very windy these last few days and finding places to more difficult with shallow, soft and low edges.

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