Saturday, March 28, 2009

'Following' problem

Sue's Blog site has a Google warning about malware as we have found out by trying to read her No Problem blog.
I was a 'Follower' which means that in my Blogger Dash Board there was a live link to her blog which instantly through up the warning preventing me from creating and posting.  I bypassed the warning and selected to stop following No Problem so I can post this. 
I have discovered that many other blogsites get the warning as well.  This may mean that they are either 'Followers', or have links that automatically go to the 'No Problem' website / blog.  If you own one of those affected bloggs may I suggest that you try to remove the link .
Let us hope that Sue can remove the malware so we can all enjoy reading her blog again.


Maureen Davies said...

Thanks for the info Ann & Chas.
Hope Sue gets it sorted ASAP

LES said...

Hi Chas/Ann
Blog the new link to No Problem