Sunday, March 29, 2009

Heading south for a blacking

Not our fault, not Sue’s either.  Some *!*!* clever !*!*! mucking about on a computer.  Why do they have to be so disruptive?  Warning: perhaps we need to avoid too many clever tricks like following other website / blogs automatically.  When one gets infected it affects the followers.  I understand that Sue’s ‘No Problem’ blog has been moved to
Unfortunately when I go there I still get the warning.

Norbury Junction is far behind us now.  We have been moving every day except Sundays and are now on the Coventry canal.  Most mornings were sunny so we got going early but usually found the days contained cold winds and showers.  Shopping at towns or walking in the woods took up part of the day.  There are some good walks through the woods and round the ponds at Pooley Fields Nature Reserve, once a coal mining area which has collapsed causing the ponds to form.

Polesworth is one place we keep coming back to over the years so we see many changes.  The sports pavilion is unused and boarded up now.  Broken glass scattered over the grass where young children may go heading for the swings.  What is left of the recycling bins is just melted plastic after being set alight.  The mooring are quiet enough opposite the unused tennis courts.  We have never had any problems staying overnight but today we move on stopping just short of the Atherstone flight of locks.

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Jill and Graham said...

Hi Guys, I was hit buy no Problems Malware, it is not a problem to remove....Go into Control Panel, Programs and features and you will find a program called 'Favourites', you will need to go 'online' then uninstall and all should be hunky dory.