Thursday, April 02, 2009

Relaxing in the sunshine

We took on water at Bradley Green but found that the Elsan facility was blocked.  We just moved up 2 locks to get the engine warm for an oil change at 4,250 hours, that much done since we got the boat in 2004.  Then we went off to the shops in Atherstone.  A busy town on the old Roman road called Watling Street with a good range of shops and Tuesday market.
While moving up through the locks a boater coming down told us that Gypsy Rover was at Hartshill.  The towpath telegraph working well because when we got there, Dot & Derek were expecting us.  With time to spare we all enjoyed a day off relaxing in the sunshine sitting out on the towpath.  

It is amazing what a difference it makes with the sun shining on the view making the colours stronger.  Thankfully those grey winter months are now past. On the move towards Nuneaton we also saw that settee seen by D & D.  It had managed to drift all the way to Hartshill.  Then we were obliged to pass 2 miles of utter rubbish all the way through that town of Nuneaton.  

Would you believe it there was yet another settee floating in the water together with all that scum, plastic bottles and bags.  We have been travelling all the way from Chester and never saw so much rubbish scattered all over the place. 
At last we turned off the Coventry and on to the Oxford canal.  

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Heth said...

Uh Oh, that must be another one, Derek & Dots was bright pink...!
I commented about it representing MFI "going under" on their blog. So as the firm now slides into administration, is this a cunning plan to advertise & sell off "water damaged stock?" Hmmm