Saturday, April 04, 2009

U turn at Hawkesbury

Messed that one up and landed on the rocks in the corner!  Ann had to pull the bow round otherwise the boat would have gone into the pub!  Done the business at the facility and went through the lock.  While Ann & Molly walked on I took M2L slowly passed all those boats at the junction and stopped past bridge 4.  Somewhere we were spotted by Pete from Pickles 2.  Sorry to have missed you but we did not see your boat. 
A fast 3G connection on our T Mobile modem enabled us to place an order with Tesco.  It is strange that sometimes the connection can be slow but may just be busy with all the kids off on their holidays.  Next day we did 14 miles, no less, and got all the way to Clifton, passing those willow trees at Brownsover. 

 Last year they were severely cut back so were pleased to see them getting green again.

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