Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring watch

The field opposite is full of sheep and lambs, all with their heads down eating breakfast in the morning.  Later the lambs were seen gathering together away from their mothers.  Like they were going to school and getting to know each other in the playground, pushing, shoving and exploring the field.

At one time they were all down at the edge of the canal getting a drink.  “Oh, don’t fall in please.”  Mothers and babies have numbers painted on their woolly coats so they know who belongs to who!  After their adventures in late afternoon all the lambs were running around bleating and looking for their mums.  If they went to the wrong mum they were pushed away.  Eventually they all settled down for the night together again as families.
Once the paint had dried and hardened we got itchy feet after two days so we moved on.  Braunston is full right out to bridge 89.  We got water at the turn and stopped at Wolfhamcote because it rained.

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