Monday, April 20, 2009

Braunston Gatherings

Moore 2 Life is back in the water having been blacked. While out of the water our friends took us to The Plough for lunch and to Daventry for our Dentist appointment. Terry and Myra then went off to return the hire car and get back to their boat at Crick. While walking round along the towpath and up to the village it is amazing how many people we met. For many of us boaters it seems that Braunston is a magnet and starting off point for the summer months. At least that is how it is for us. We have seen Derwent 6, Rock n Roll, Fair Fa, Hobo and many others. Braunston is full of boats either visiting or passing through.  There is still a good mixture of permanent, long and short term moorings available if you can find a space!
Our Grand children and their parents came up to visit us for the weekend. This time we agreed to go up the locks and through the tunnel. A good opportunity to rub off some of that paint! It was quite an event for the young boys who had their life jackets on and learnt a bit about operating the locks.

They even enjoyed the 20 minute ride through the tunnel even while two other boats passed us. We turned left at Norton Junction on to the Leicester Arm of the Grand Union canal and went a few miles to turn and moor up for the night. Next day we travelled back past the new towpath works and through the tunnel again. Then down through the locks accompanied by another boat after waiting in the queue at the top for a while. We were able to stop for lunch just past the Lord Nelson and watched the Grand Prix racing from China. After that we had just enough time to go down two more locks and arrive at the water point before our young family returned home.

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Bill Rodgers said...

"Our Grand children and their parents" -
A lesson everyone must lean, once you have children, you're second fiddle to the grandchildren. It's just a fact of life.