Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We only moved another 3 miles while it was dry on Good Friday after breakfast with hot cross buns.  It was everso busy with loads of boats on the move.  The towpath between Braunston and Flecknoe is much improved in places.  More hard edges to moor up to and despite the number of boats out and about there is plenty of space to stop.  The shallow canal has turned a muddy brown. 

Sunny Easter Monday was another busy day for us and boats.  We rubbed down and painted the other lower side.  The boats are going by in both directions two by two.  

We saw Derwent 6 go by.  We have been tracking their movements by reading their Blog.  They caught us sitting down enjoying the sunshine in between paint brushes having a midday snack!  “See you later in Braunston”.  The sun continued to shine and the paint dried and hardened while we recovered from all that effort.  Then we saw Marie Jessie go by, another Blogger.

Is there a conspiracy going on in Formula One racing?  The final result of each race so far has depended on the decisions of a committee in Paris.  What you see is not what you get.  Have there been too many rule changes for the teams to cope with?
Been waiting for Gosty Hill to arrive and fill our tank with diesel at 61p a litre.  Alison and Ian’s last run till next winter because they plan some time off after all their hard work.  We hope to see them again later in the year.  By the end of the day we had got into Braunston ready to be dragged out of the water to have the lower sides cleaned, inspected and blacked.

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