Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sunday roast at Hillmorton

We had got to Hillmorton locks on the Saturday, went up one lock and waited for Tesco to arrive with our goodies.  After the delivery we went up to the top in convoy with several other boats with lots of willing help.  The famous BISTRO was open and we booked a table for Sunday Lunch.  Always a good meal cooked by the family like being at home.
While the visitor moorings at the top were nearly full we noticed that the Permit Holder moorings were empty.  A BW sign there was inviting applications for moorings.  Perhaps they are asking too much for a mooring with no facilities, a case for BW to make them all moorings for visitors.  There is plenty to see and do watching and helping at the locks. 
The Oxford canal tow path looks like it has been trimmed.  The hedges have been cut back and layered in places.  Ann and Molly have been able to walk most of the way.  We were surprised to see that the moorings between Barby and Willoughby were virtually deserted considering it was a week before Easter. 
We stopped just short of Braunston and got on with rubbing down and painting the boat black below the gunwales.  The other side will have to wait till the tow path changes over or we turn round.  Then wait for another dry sunny day by which time we would have recovered enough to get active again!
While we were moored up several boats passed by.  Richard and Sarah on Scarweather stopped and chatted over a cup of tea on board M 2 L.  Good to catch up with their news since seeing them last year on the rivers of East Anglia.  Then Rock n Roll passed us followed by Clarence who informed us that they read this blog.

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