Sunday, August 09, 2009

A train town and lakes

During a sunny day we made our way across the Great Ouse aqueduct and stopped at Wolverton for the shops.
Much has changed round here with new apartment blocks and visitor moorings but not a place to stay overnight. Wolverton’s claim to fame was as a railway town and is celebrated by a white wall with a black picture of a train.
Some time ago it was restored but now, sadly, it has been obliterated by graffiti. Such is the lack of respect shown by some locals. (Picture taken in 2005)
Both M2L and Maddy Rose moored by Linford Lakes and we set up the table and chairs on the wide cut grass tow path. By the end of the day there were many more boaters here to enjoy the sunshine.
Ann & I with Molly set off next day on a 2 hour walk round the lakes passing the remains of St. Peters Church following the public foot paths as shown on our geo map. Sometimes proving hard to follow due to fenced off fields of crops and wet muddy paths.
We crossed the Great Ouse River, the same that our friends Sue n Vic are travelling on downstream of Bedford where it is navigable. The lakes here were inaccessible being a wild fowl centre with private signs at every turn towards them. We did see Egrets, Cormorants, Turns and Kestrals at a distance. Having got round the lakes we returned along the canal tow path.

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