Friday, August 07, 2009

Return to our boat home

Gayton Marina had been good to us by offering a temporary mooring for an un specified time. Our grand lady has recovered and is coping with life again. We had got the ball rolling on getting help at home and improving the household. We also travelled about locally visiting many of our friends and relations. Navigation on the roads is so much more than on the waterways with all those junctions, roundabouts, signs and controlling lights. Then there are all the cars and lorries moving so fast. Finding our way around only made easier because we were on familiar ground. Brod offered to take us back to the marina which took just over 2 hours.
After such a long spell of inactivity our two and a half year old batteries needed some TLC. The solar panels had kept them charged up but the capacity seemed reduced. After topping up some cells with water and charging for a couple of hours we hope they will recover.
We topped up our water tank and loaded food from the Tesco delivery before moving on to Blisworth. It was there that we came across Rose and Ray on Maddy Rose.
Next day we travelled together through the tunnel, past Stoke Bruerne and down the locks. We stopped about a mile further on in sunshine and put out the deck chairs. As we sat there enjoying a chat over a cup of tea and a sandwich it started raining. Then it got dark so we went in the boat just before a thunder storm.


John F said...

We are coming over next year, 2010,
for a one week canal holiday.
Do you have a suggestion for a section that would be good English country-side and market villages.
Or any favorite for that matter.
Thanks, and I enjoy your blog.

Carol said...

Hi both, glad that Mum is well again - I'm sure you're glad to be back on the water - I hope your batteries continue to keep you going. We are just south of Milton Keynes near Stoke Hammond, heading for the Aylesbury Arm - perpahs we'll bump into you in the next few days - although not literally of course!