Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A grand old lady

We are in another way of life for now looking after a grand old lady for a while. At the age of 90 she is from a different way of life having lived through the second world war with my father away on those big grey ships serving in the Navy. My parents raised 3 boys during the early years of peace time which they had fought for. They then spent many happy years together touring the countryside and the world.
Mum is on her own now with a cleaner, gardener and food coming to the door to help. We have been attempting to clear out much unwanted stuff. After a week it does not seem to have made much difference ! Some improvements to the house and its facilities are being considered.
We now have grand children of our own and they can enjoy the privilege to have a great grandmother to visit. While away from our own way of life on the boat we are able to keep tracks of waterway life by reading those boater blogs.


Wil & Maggie Loynd said...

Sad to hear that you are leaving the water, have greatly enjoyed you blogs.
We are still trying to get onto the water but life/business and the world keep getting in the way.
We both wish you all the very best in whatever the future may hold.
Wilf and Maggie Loynd in the far away Hebrides

Chas and Ann said...

Wil & Maggie,
We have not given up boating yet! Mum is getting better and we plan to return to our boating way of life soon.
Chas n Ann