Friday, July 03, 2009

Moving with friends

We knew they were heading for Braunston and beyond so we were there to greet them. Molly got all excited again and ran off to see her friends Lucy & Meg.
After shopping we moved up the flight together with No Problem.
Going through that bent tunnel is always an event. This time it was passing 5 boats with various odd configurations of lighting. Boats should have one shining up on the roof to show the way and not to blind on coming boaters. One had two at the front shining either side while another had one at each end! “Made it difficult to judge if it was two or just one boat.” At least one boat bounced off the corner of a bend forcing us to stop to avoid a collision in the darkness. The tow path between the tunnel and Norton Junction is much improved but proved to be shallow for some boats to moor.
We stopped at the junction and got the BBQ out to cook beefburgers and sausages and enjoyed the meal inside No Problem with Sue n Vic and a bottle of wine. Then we went to the New Inn to celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary, enjoying the company of Sue n Vic outside in the evening coolness.

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John F said...

We are coming over 2010 to canal boat for a week in july or august.
Do you have a favorite area you have done or would suggest?