Sunday, June 28, 2009

Historic boats

We walked down the canal towards Braunston to watch many boats manoeuvring at the ‘turn’.
An official count indicated that at least 80 or more historic boats had assembled at Braunston for the weekend. There were also a few other boaters trying to get through because I suppose BW cannot actually close the navigation.
Down by the ‘Stop House’ where the canal narrows, the overhanging shrubbery threatened to scratch the freshly painted boats.
It proved to be so shallow that Nutfield got stuck on the mud while towing Raymond. Some boats passed by while the majority just waited.
Then we saw the one and only steam powered boat President as she backed into the marina with Kildare, the butty, alongside. Some of the historic boats had several generations of boating families on board. Original and current owners keeping their pride and joy in very good working condition.

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