Sunday, June 07, 2009

A weekend

On Friday we moved south away from Banbury for a while.  Only a few miles and locks to the turn at Nell Bridge where we discovered an enterprising farmer has created moorings.  There is power and water with room for some four or more boats.  Free range eggs and pork sausages are also available.  The river below the next lock often floods so while waiting, boaters may well take advantage of these moorings.

Knowing that the next day was going to be wet we got back to Kings Sutton in sunshine.  Then the rains did come with a vengeance.  How miserable it is to have a whole day and night of rain, especially after so much sunshine.  Our radiators were on to take away the morning chill and later the fire was lit to dry off the washing. Have to confess to eating our Sunday roast on lap trays while watching the F1 racing.  After the race the sun came out as the cloud moved away and we went off for a walk with molly along the towpath.  Down past Kings Sutton lock and a few lift bridges and back was good going on the overgrown path.  Molly enjoyed running up and down the path and swimming in the canal.

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