Thursday, June 18, 2009

Braunston boats are gathering

Braunston boat weekend is Saturday 27 th. and Sunday 28 th. June.  We have walked through the site and seen notices proclaiming that the visitor moorings near the marina will be suspended between 20 th June and 4 th July, a full 15 days in all.  Already some well restored and freshly painted workboats have arrived. 

We saw Hadar pass through heading south on the Oxford while Saltair, Betelgeuice and Warbler are already here. 
We have found that the Elsan facility near bridge 91 is blocked.  In fact some silly boater has now made it overflow and it smells.  A BW person happened to be passing and I asked when it would be fixed.  “Not my department” he said and walked on by.  The local BW office is now only open on a Friday so no doubt complaints will come flooding in.  Almost every available space is occupied and boats are still arriving this weekend so we decided to move out for a few days having filled our water tank.

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Bruce in Sanity said...

Did you phone BW Customer Services?

01923 201120 works just as well as the 0800 number, and is cheaper from a mobile.

All the best