Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Turn round

There never was a bus from Cropredy to Banbury so we had to take the boat back there.  Only once we had seen a bus come over the bridge by the shop.  We had asked in the shop where the bus stop was but they failed to say that the bus no longer comes into the village now!  
It was a case of backing up through one lock rather than going forward through 3 and back.  Passersby looked on and wondered what was going on.  We turned at the water point by backing in with Ann pulling the bow round and then we were off back to Banbury. 
We knew that there was a tax office there to sort out some misunderstandings.  All clear now.  It has come as a shock to realise that we are now all paying 20% tax on our earnings, 20% on our savings interest and 15% on what we spend !  We can have ‘free’ bus rides and ‘free’ medicals but what a cost.  “Not really free are they”. 
15% of our boat licence goes direct to the government so BW only get 85% of it.  Why can’t they have all of it directly.  It could make a difference to the upkeep of the canals.  If only we could claim allowances for improvements to our boat..... 
“Boy is it hot”.  Got the white sheets hanging out of the windows to reduce the radiation and a fan to give us a breeze.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Saying BW only get 85% of the income is only stating half the truth.

BW boating activities can be registered for VAT but it is not compulsory and it could be VAT free.

Once you choose to register for VAT then you pay 15% on your income and claim 15% back on your expenses.

As BW spends more than it earns then it gets more back from the 15% on expenses that it pays in the 15% on income.

By chosing to voluntarily register for VAT BW gets 110% of its income - not 85% as you stated.

The year BW chose to register for VAT the licence fees stayed the same (or only rose by the normal inflation) and didn't rise by the VAT amount.

BigJohn said...

I think you are right that Geoff Amos buses no longer visit Cropredy, but apparently the Stagecoach 277 stops at the Brasenose Arms - see here. I know the bus service changed recently, but I would have thought the shop should have a timetable displayed. Maybe you could suggest it?

Chas and Ann said...

Thank you Paul for the in depth VAT explanation. What I meant was that BW only get 85% of boaters money. The government make it complicated.

And thanks to Big John for the bus info. The bus table at the stop was dated 2005 for Geoff Amos!

Jim said...

At least you get the free bus pass...some of us just pay the tax! (only jealous).
I find www.transportdirect.info good for bus times and if you drill down far enough on Google maps you can get the bus stop locations too.
NB Starcross