Saturday, May 30, 2009

Off the boat

Sorry it has been a while since the last posting.  We are only just getting back to our normal routine if there was one. 

Mum was 90 years old in May and plans were made to celebrate with a family gathering.  We hired a car from Enterprise at Banbury who collect and deliver.  As expected it was quite a culture shock getting in a car and travelling on those crowded roads.  Navigating out of town took some concentration.  We headed down south and stayed with our grand children and their parents.
Many family members and friends gathered at an excellent venue which was just right for mum and her guests.  An afternoon tea party with food laid out in the old kitchen.  Thankfully it was a lovely warm sunny day so we could all eat and drink a toast in the courtyard.  

Tracy had made a cake using a very special recipe for mum. 
During our visit we had parked the car to go shopping.  If you think 24 hours is too short to moor a boat in one place just think about 30 minutes free for parking a car to go shopping. A few minutes late and we were obliged to pay a hefty fine! 
Chris had to work over the weekend but we were able to see him at Swanwick on the river Hamble where the marina was open to the public. 

‘Princess Boats’ were on show and Chris was able to show us round the huge motor boats.  The one we looked over was available if we wanted it.  They even provided a generous BBQ meal for us all. 
We returned with our grandson on his own for the first time to stay a few days.  We walked up to see the fine lady on a horse by the cross.  Josh was able to walk round the statute and read all the words of the famous nursery rhyme.  We then returned to the boat and moved up through Banbury heading for Cropredy.  Josh’s parents came up to stay overnight.  During a glorious sunny day we just sat out and enjoyed their company.

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