Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A new cabinet

Are we just copying or following a trend?  The old TV box had always been stuck in a corner because it was quite bulky.  Now that technology has produced thin TV’s we have noticed that many boat owners are putting them on one side.

We have taken delivery of a cabinet from Dave Bassett who is our adopted cabinet maker for many additions and improvements.  The previous additions were those galley cupboards.  Much discussion about what we want and what he can do before he goes away and makes it all in his workshop after making templates.  It amazes us that the unit is delivered and just gets screwed into place. A few days varnishing make it look so much better.  We use that water based varnish because the result is much lighter than using oil based varnish first.  Two coats are enough then the top surfaces got the oil based varnish for a light hard finish.  We then filled up the cupboards with our books, CD’s, DVD’s and folders.  Some reorganisation of power sockets and signal cables then enabled the installation of the TV and DVD player. With our two easy chairs now on one side and the new cabinet on the other there is more room to pass and is easier to watch TV.  The corner cupboard surface is now being used for various ornaments and picture frames.


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Carol said...

Hi Chas, Ann, - your new cabinet looks a treat. Dave Bassett ran the company who fitted out Rock n Roll - he's an excellent carpenter.