Friday, May 08, 2009

Boating can be a challenge

Perhaps it has been that last episode with a boat yard that has demoralised us.  It is just the apparent lack of skill and care that has got to us.  We simply have to learn our own skills, realise our ability and know our limitations.  Geof from Seyella helped me sort out the engine controls which were stiff and in need of adjustment as we were going too fast at ‘tick over’.  There is nothing worse than a broken cable.  When we started off way back in 2000 our boat builder went bust but we had the mental strength then to overcome the problems and saw our new way of life blossom.  It is a wonderful way of life we have on the waterways with so many boaters that we have got to know and love.  We cannot yet contemplate living on shore and relying on a car to get there and back.  Our home goes with us and has taken us to far more places than we could ever manage by car. 

We have just moved the boat from Napton up the 9 locks and along the long and winding section at the summit.

Keep an eye on that TV mast first seen at Marston Doles for it will appear to move about on the horizon until you actually pass it when approaching Fenny Compton.  Passing boats often ran aground on the bends as the shallow waters made the going very slow.

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