Wednesday, May 06, 2009

B W water taps

In Braunston there is a new ‘improved’ type of water facility.  

The improvement is the addition two taps either side of the change over lever.  The original design relied on the operation of the lever to get water out of either the screw on terminal or the push on terminal.  When the lever was upright no water came out.  The new facility provides two screw on terminals in the form of taps.  The user requiring a screw on terminal now has a choice of two.  It is in fact possible to attach two screw on water pipes.  In order to get the water to flow you now need to open the tap that your pipe is attached to and operate the lever towards that tap.  Unfortunately the other user will have to wait until your tank is full as the water can only flow one way or the other even when both taps are open!

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