Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Claydon locks

When the sun shines and your boat is in the middle of nowhere it is good for the soul to get out and enjoy the fresh air.  It helps to get back to reality and put things in proper perspective.  Listening to the Sky Larks and watching the baby ducklings.  We had decided to move, even on a Sunday, to get to Cropredy but only got as far as Claydon. 
 The 10 mile summit pound is very shallow in many places and several boats, including ours, had problems getting round those sharp bends without running aground!  It got better past Fenny Compton where we were surprised to find the chandlery open and were able to get our diesel at the declared rate which worked out at 78p/l.  We stopped just in time to watch the F1 racing from Spain, another British win.  It may be a bit bad for the planet but it is at least a peaceful sport among many countries.
At Claydon there are 8 locks in a couple of miles that get down to Cropredy.  We set off in the morning with one boat in front and as we went down several were following.  Most crew members helped with the locking and with the sunshine it was an enjoyable morning’s activity.  Luckily several were coming up as well so we moved down into full locks. We then stopped on a new length of mooring just before the new 24 hour stretch in front of the houses. 

After lunch we walked round the village and discovered that the Post Office has closed.  Thankfully the Bridge Store will soon operate a P. O. service.  

Cropredy is a lovely village with well kept gardens and thatched cottages.

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LES said...

78p! Just paid 60p at Nantwich on a 10/90 split.
Give the government as little as poss as it only goes on MPs expences.
Just following their example.