Friday, July 10, 2009

Blog visits

We only moved back to Bugbrooke to collect the post and purchase milk n bread at the shop. It was a pleasant walk across the fields and through their Millennium Garden. We just sat for a while to enjoy the peace and quiet by the stream. Molly had found a plastic bottle to crunch and have thrown to fetch. Sadly plastic items are not hard to find in the countryside and the bottle got put in the bin when Molly had finished with it.

Just as we left we spotted Windsong at Bugbrooke! Rog n Pip stopped by next day for a chat and we admired their smart new boat. Then Rock n Roll passed by. Later we walked past a few bridges looking for Geo Cache’s and came across Rock n Roll. George n Carol invited us in for a drink. It is a wonderful social atmosphere on the waterways. We had got to know them by following their adventures on their Blogs. We have also got to know some boaters over the years just by seeing them regularly.
We are now making plans to leave the boat for personal family reasons so please excuse us for not blogging for a while.

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