Sunday, July 11, 2010

Improvements and two runs

The old Perspex windows in the front cratch had gone cloudy over the years.  Much better now that Dave Bassett has replaced it with clear toughened glass.
Ann has gone ‘home’ to run for life round Southampton Common.  She walked the 5 km in 55 minutes with a crowd of likeminded people and collected money for charity.  (Why 5km in this country?)
The other run was by seven Star Class historic boats from London to Atherstone.  They removed 100 tons of gravel which had been dumped in Paddington basin in order to support the canal edge while a new building was constructed.  The gravel and all building material came in by lorry through London.  The building then cut off access by road so the boats were used.  It was an exercise to prove that it is still possible to move cargo by boat thus greatly reducing the ‘carbon foot print’.  The loaded boats are at least 3 feet deep in the water and often ran aground in the un dredged waterway.  They had left London on Monday and passed through Braunston on Saturday.

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Carol said...

Hi Ann, Chas, Congratulation Anns on completing your walk for life and in a good time too. Got your message yesterday, was busy with a bbq at Beeston Castle with friends and didn't hear the phone. Will talk soon, take care!