Saturday, July 17, 2010

On the move

It must be a year ago since we have been down the Oxford heading for Banbury.  We went up all the locks at Napton with many boats coming down and helping us with open gates.  It is a testament to the over 200 year old system design that it still works despite a certain lack of maintenance.  At least one lock gate had a broken balance beam and several locks had displaced cill beams.  Despite the recent lack of rain there is enough water at the summit to get through to Clayton.  We had stopped at the top for one night before going down the other side.  Then it rained!
I have been sorting loads of pictures of historic boats.  Many were taken at Braunston this year and last during the boat gatherings.  Thanks to the Historic Narrowboat Owners Club and their list which helped me sort our pictures.  The pictures can now be seen on our website  .

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