Sunday, December 12, 2010

Beyond the call.....

George hired a car for the weekend and drove us all to Market Drayton to visit No Problem and our friends Sue n Vic. Despite the slightly warmer temperatures it was still very slippery under foot. In the boot of the car, two large water containers which George used to transport water from tap to boat several times to fill the No Problem tank.
It was great to see Sue n Vic again after spending the summer months apart. We all enjoyed bread rolls and homemade soup while discussing future plans, listening to Georges jokes and swapping Christmas cards. Ann had baked a cake so we all had some of that as well. It was an enjoyable meeting of friends separated by many more canal miles than road miles! We came away with a homemade pot of jam. Thanks S n V, was good to see you both during this bleak mid winter. And thanks to George n Carol for driving us there.

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