Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moving events

For the third time we have been able to move the boat back up through the lock for services at Gayton. Both taps and the Elsan in working condition while the warmth lasts. The boat yard has been breaking the ice every day so they can move their boats about for servicing. They provided our diesel, oil and filters for a service later. We know of other boaters elsewhere coping with their lot under different circumstances. Last we heard at Braunston, the canal crossroads, is not so well served because both Elsans were blocked!
Despite eight days of positive temperatures there is still plenty of thick ice about on the canals. But Geoff on Seyella felt confident to make a run for Gailey.

It was a determined effort helped by us opening and closing 4 locks on the way. Boaters at Otherton were thankful for broken ice as now they could move to their services. The local Heron would also be pleased to be able to go fishing again!
The threat of further low temperatures, snow and ice prompted the move.

A thought: Would we all pay a bit more to avoid the cuts? A cut in services may well be harder to cope with.

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