Sunday, March 13, 2011

Computer widows or slaves

Which one are you? That ‘computer’ does so much and we have all grown to rely on it so much. How can we get on without it now? Having upgraded to Windows 7 my Toshiba Satellite with ‘only’ 1 GB memory was just a bit slow. It was OK for XP in the past. Upgrading presents so many problems with hardware and software compatibility. Our good friend Sue has sorted it out by increasing the memory to 4 GB. Much faster now.
There are so many things we can do on computers. We can communicate with other like minded souls through this blog or our web site, control finances, collect pictures & music and even load Kindle books. Even food can be ordered and delivered.
I need to limit my time ‘computing’ because there are other things to do. Time together with Ann, moving & painting the boat and getting out for walks seem more natural and necessary for a balanced life style.

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LES said...

Hi Chas
Yes i do agree the PC is a wonderful thing but can be addictive.
I try to use it mainly at night and use the daylight hours for the other jobs or just enjoying this wonderful life we lead.