Sunday, March 20, 2011

Social events and boats

We find ourselves staying in Braunston for a while. Sue n Vic, Les and us all went for a meal and chat in ‘The Boat’ right by the canal. Next day we helped No Problem and crew up the Braunston flight of 6 locks to the summit. Sue n Vic were soon on their way to that tunnel after saying our good bys. We walked back down on our own and Les invited us in for tea as we passed Valerie.
A day later Rock n Roll, Seyella and Windsong arrived on the scene. It was a completely unarranged gathering of blogging boaters which lasted for a moment. At one point the canal was almost blocked as we exchanged greetings over the roof of boats.
We went off on a bus to Daventry to get away and enjoy the sunny day. It was sad to see a few shops closing down. In particular Nobes the handy huge hardware store. We had lunch in our favourite cafe on the corner which had changed hands. But still a bright clean place to sit and enjoy snacks, coffee or meals.
On our return we had time to visit the marina and see the gathering of Share Boats. They offer the means to own a smart boat and enjoy exploring the waterways for a month. Seems huge private investments are going into boats and marinas these days. It is such a shame that the public purse is not so willing to keep the waterways in good repair. It was quite noticeable how much frost damage had occurred during that hard winter. Many loose bricks requiring a lot of re pointing or replacing.

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Are you going to give The Nelson a l.ook, someone reported its open again