Friday, April 29, 2011

Friends on board and a Royal Wedding

Terry & Myra came up to Crick to see how their boat Plaidy was progressing. "Maybe next week now". They were told. We are waiting for the launch so our friends stayed on board for a few days. We have been up the Leicester section of the Grand Union before but had forgotten how pretty it is between Crick and Welford.

The trees are getting greener and the sun shines through reflecting back off the water as we move along.

It was a treat to let our friends do the driving as we admired the view while sitting at the quiet end. A few boats on the move but nothing like as many during the Easter week.
Next day we all watched the Royal Wedding in the morning. What a wonderful happy event it was for the Royal family and the nation. William and Kate being transformed to be the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge no less.


Bella said...

I love your pictures taken from the angle of a boat owner.

Chas and Ann said...

Thanks Bella, Was quite different for us to travel on the boat up front. Chas n Ann