Saturday, April 09, 2011

Waiting for an event

We had gone through Braunston tunnel with Rock n Roll. Then we spent a couple of days placing orders with Tesco and waiting for the delivery. All too soon we parted company.

Sue n Vic had already gone south on the GU and George n Carol left to follow. We headed north up the locks near the Watford Gap Services on the M1. The motorway actually crosses the canal near the top lock. We stopped just short of Crick tunnel for the weekend.

Del and Al happened to stop and came on board for a cup of tea and chat before continuing their journey south.
Our journey through Crick tunnel was uneventful and we called into the marina for diesel and gas. When I went to pay I was told they would not accept my initial declaration of 10% ! “It is known that boats are moving now and you don’t have a mooring here, please declare 60%.” I told the man that I have to sign the declaration so I settled for 20% which in fact turned out to be near the mark. The diesel worked out at 99p a litre and the gas cost just over £25.

We continued to Crack’s Hill just by bridge 14 and have been watching the sheep, lambs, birds and making ginger cake.

Margaret on Seyella had given us the recipe and very nice it was too.
Our friends Terry and Myra are having a boat built at Crick and it is soon to be launched. We had hoped to both see the launch but it is delayed and Ann had already planned to go for a caravan holiday in Devon with the grandchildren. I will be occupied enjoying the sunny days painting bits of boat.

View from Crack's Hill.

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