Monday, August 08, 2011

Time in London, 1

Ann and friends took the boat ferry to Camden Market while I booked time on various attractions in London for when our family visit later. Next day we walked down to Kensington Gardens with Molly.

Once there she was almost free to run about on the grass amongst the trees but had to be on a lead to walk round the pond.
There was Kensington Palace looking sad behind a temporary fence while the gardens get a makeover.

Queen Victoria lived here, as did Charles and Diana. It was while looking for her memorial that we found ourselves heading for The Serpentine. The memorial was a circular track of flowing water with children paddling in it to keep cool.

By now we were in Hyde Park and hungry so we found a seat in the shade and ate our sandwiches. People were rowing boats on the Serpentine Lake. On our way back to Paddington we found some handy shops in London Street.

Our friends came on board that evening and we played Mah-jong. Next day they left Little Venice just after breakfast.

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