Saturday, August 20, 2011

We are now heading North

The other end of the Grand Union canal seems a long way, all of 165 lock miles. We would like to do 10 a day but our average is less than that. It may well be September before we reach Crick. Our friends have left their boat at Harefield Marina so we travel on our own.

We tackle most of the wide locks without the company of another boat. There are plenty about at those permanent moorings but they do not move much.
While travelling we read about boating activity elsewhere during the August holidays. At least one boat has sunk in a lock which British Waterways managed to crane out while boaters waited. At another location a boat hit a lock gate and knocked it off its hinges! Navigation has been restricted at summit levels due to lack of water in the reservoirs. The low water level is not just due to lack of rain. Sadly lack of maintenance and leakage at locks are another cause. At some popular flights, B W asked volunteers to help ensure safe and proper use of locks. The locks are often being locked shut at the end of the day. Some boaters are not helping the situation. We have had to shut a lock after a boat left it open and full. There was a notice on the gate asking for the gates to be shut and the lock left empty with a paddle up!
We leave London behind and the sights we have seen but keep the wonderful memories together with many pictures. We now have a chance to stop again at our favourite moorings. As we move the back log of washing is being dealt with. Some wet days required the fire to be lit to assist the drying process.

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