Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Diesel bug treatment

Ian and Alison are here have had their boat ‘Truro’ and butty ‘Draco’ blacked in the Historic Toolie’s Boat Yard.

Ian and a friend kindly pulled our boat all the way back to the yard so we could have a landline. Our engine and heater cannot be used but thankfully the diesel fire can. We need it to keep warm while it is so cool outside still. With the mains electric and our immersion heater we do have hot water.

Being stuck across the entrance of the dry dock and under that walkway to the museum is a bit depressing and the TV is only just getting BBC from Oxford! 72 hours is a long time to endure the lack of freedom but at least the town and park gets us out.

I suppose there is no doubt where the bug and water came from and I have told the supplier where I last got diesel. Any user of diesel, red or white, is going to suffer from water and bug contamination. The problem has got worse since the introduction of ‘bio’ and low sulfur diesel fuel. The ‘Canal Boat’ magazine for June just happens to have a report by River Canal Rescue on the diesel bug that is worth a read.

The owner at Toolie’s has pioneered a system of pump and filters that can clean out diesel tanks. He has also advised me that our use of ‘Fuel Set’ is not so effective since the introduction of ‘bio’ fuels.

The small bottle has the bug killer and the large bottle is now recommended to keep the diesel fuel clean. It is ‘Marine 16’ Diesel fuel maintenance that contains ‘MAR 71’. It cleans all marine diesel and stops Diesel Bug.

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Linda said...

I too have had the fuel bug - discovered some years ago - and have always used an additive, either Fuel Set or Biodiesel. That and changing the fuel filter regularly has kept it at a low level. I have never needed to have the tank cleaned tho. Nantwich Canal Centre too are now recommending Marine 16 as a better way of dealing with the problem - the killer and, after that, the maintenance.

So - there is life after the bug!

Best Wishes, Linda