Saturday, June 02, 2012

While at Banbury

Got water at Cropredy, moved on to Banbury and got diesel then stopped in the middle of town. After a snack lunch we set off to the shops. Our ‘to do list’ included eye & ear tests, getting finance advice and a visit to the chiropractor. Spec Savers did the eyes and ears for nothing, a good service there then. “Just need reading glasses now.” The bank offered a current account with interest and other cash back offer ‘carrots’. Keep an eye on your investments because after about a year they may not be paying as much interest as you started with! ISA’s are all very well so long as they remain better than other accounts. Then on to the Chiro who checked us both, causing our joints to click as they were realigned. Ann had got a bit out of shape when falling in the water.

The day got hot again and we almost wilted when we got back to the boat. The public seems to lack respect here and one boater had his generator going all-day and evening! By 8.30 pm we had had enough and moved on down the lock to get away. Our intended mooring was full so we stopped short just before bridge 168 near Morrisons. Industry both sides and trees for shade are preferable to that public. But the birds in the tree above us are leaving their marks on the boat!

Now that we are this far south we tried to get a signal from the south. BBC Oxford was found but several channels were missing! The trees prevent our use of the sky that at least has all the channels when you get a signal. We have moved away from Banbury and now get all the channels from Oxford!

Other things missing are several pictures on our website. “I know why and am very busy trying to find them.” There are hundreds of them and I have found many typing errors in the code! The problem only shows up when going on line, which is how you do it after all. When I test the html pages locally on the computer all is fine! Seems that upper / lower case file names are the problem. Thanks to Sue on No Problem who warned me about that problem some time ago. Just need the time to sort it!
OK tis a feeble attempt but we do celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. 

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