Sunday, July 22, 2012


Thanks to Carol on Rock n Roll who provided a link to an EA Thames page which shows the state of the river. It was mostly Red boards up indicating that boats should not move due to too much rain. A day of sunshine encouraged us to move on down a few locks on the Oxford canal. A mooring near Kidlington enabled us to visit the town. It did not take long to find the shops and a Post Office. As we were forced to wait we decided to have our post delivered here.
A few days later a short hop got us to above Kidlington Green lock. There we met up with John and Rosemarie on Devon Maid. It is not often that we meet people who invite us on board. Our dog Molly just jumped on board almost without asking!
The towpath is slightly better here but is generally over grown and muddy in places. Somebody has taken the trouble to paint some low branches of a tree red so you don’t hit them with your head. “Might have been better to have got a saw and cut them off rather than a brush and a pot of paint!”

The post has arrived, the Thames is decreasing and the sun came out to charge our batteries. While we wait the engine runs for an average of an hour and a half a day. One full day of bright sunshine the engine stayed quiet as the batteries actually gained power.

We were out shopping when Del n Al went past and told our neighbour John. Other friends on the Thames have moved on down so after the weekend we plan to chase after them.

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